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Related article: Date : Fri, June 22, 2001 06th 47th 15 -0700 From: Alex Light u003cadisoc007 msn. com u003e Subject: broken facades Chapter 24 facades broken Alex Light Chapter 24 Buckle Brad n When I ran to the bathroom, I felt I had to shoot and go out. When I left, I ran quickly to the side of the building n and I have my lunch on the grass. I dropped to my knees suddenly opened the floodgates. For three years... 3 years... I had to deal with pressure, the looks, the whispers and, more recently, physical abuse. Why ? by a rumor of my best friend, someone I thought the care home me. How could he, I wondered. Suddenly I began to feel dizzy, then the dark. "wake up Brad, Brad... Brad, my love. Please ! " " Alice... " I called when I opened my eyes to see my hand a light dim space. I was lying on a bed. " Brad,Oh, my God, thank God you're awake. " His eyes were red from time to mourn. "Alisa Alisa Oh" I said as I tried to get uphug her. suddenly everything began to spin through throbbing pain in the back of my continued to the head. "Ouch," I said as I grabbed my head and fell back on the bed. "Alisa, what happened ? Where am I? " "What happened ? Do not you remember ? Brad was a part of my fifth historic buildings and the school called paramedics. We at St. Luke s hospital. your mom and dad are on the way. We were so worried. " " My head is spinning. How long have I been here ? " I asked, No caught her Preteen Nude Art as she tried to get up. " For nearly an hour. No, do not move," said Alisa, as he stood up and cried the doctor, and Alex. " Is everyone awake awake... " A doctor and a nurse entered the room, quickly followed by Alex. N "Hey, Sleepy Bear," Alex said as he approached me and grabbed my hand to my s. "I told you it would be nice," said Alisa, when I looked. the eyes of his s were red too. As for Alex and Alisa, I could see the worry on their faces, as clear as day. After 15 minutes, 15minutes after pushing and exhausting I grew impatient. I could feel my anger back doctor and nurse continued his research on me. " Well, everything seems to look good. " " Well, I can get the hell out of here?" He asked with a little irritated tone in my voice. "Wait a second would be the champion, I like to keep it overnight for further observation," The doctor said, trying to lighten the mood when he saw I was always excited. " Ah, man.. great! Is the game and dance," said Alex looked very disappointed. " Well, I do not want to go anyway. " Alisa and Preteen Nude Art Alex seemed to me then, each other, confused, but said nothing. I could feel my anger slowly return " Thanks but no thanks to the night", but with a tone of irritation in his voice. I started to get out of bed n "Whoa do not think the champion, the reason that passes through a kind of anxiety attack caused by stress. " n Now it began to bother the champ. "ANo. I had to go school, which contributes to the brilliant observation? " No. I said, I began to for my clothes " I think you can also use a mild concussion, "he said. You could say now, that a little earlier, excited. N " Oh surprises," he said, still looking for Preteen Nude Art my things. "Where the hell s are my clothes, and someone can get this damn thing out of my arm? Brad " Alisa and Alex's mouth were open. You can not, why do I am so excited was " I can Brad asked, " the doctor, realizing how excited I was. " what do you call me a wheelchair so the hell out of here. "I cried while trying to put on my pants " If something happens to upset today, "he said. N " God, doctor, what makes you think? "I cried again. " Bradley, what 's wrong? He is trying to help, "said Alisa when it was trying to calm down. " Yes, my friend, and I thought I needed help with my anger. Bear breathing, friend, "said Alex, smiling at me trying to calm my dtheir own. " Well, I just want the hell out of here and be alone with my girlfriend ! Is that asking too much? " I asked. When I came to part Alisa felt the form of tears. " You know what, I see that you are excited, and I think I can help the subject ", the doctor said gently. "Ya think? " I said sarcastically, she interrupted him. " Well, I'll wait until their parents come to talk with them," he said, as left the room. " Bradley an idiot," said Alisa, as they go hand in hand " Dude you are very angry for some reason," said Alex, who laughed n \\ \\. " Remind me to never get unhappy. " " Alex, it's not funny," said Alisa, now beginning to excite a own. "Honey, why not go to the game or the dance? " " Yeah, I mean, Justin... " Alex began, but I interrupted him. " You never mentioned his name again to me, I want you Justin! He's the one started the rumor! " N "What? " Alex stammered, looking as I suddenly felt thatll. Alisa " Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Was all I could say what I thought was a Alex. He seemed to faint. No wonder Brad was so excited. Alex started to walk down and try to keep you well n or leaves the hospital room to find Justin, " Oh, my God, How did you hear ? " " I heard him and Tony in the bathroom, " she said as tears began 'roll of his eyes. I could see his anger reached its highest point, because with her tears did not complain. Then I slipped. "They were not really to know.... Shit!" I said, n I closed my eyes, knowing that I was confused. Alex grabbed the from his trance and grabbed me. " Alice? " Alex said quietly, looking surprised. " You... Did you know? " Brad asked as he took the IV arm and pulled him to his s. He started walking slowly towards me. I could see the tears to stop soon. " Alisa, how did you know... ?" Alex asked when he began to loosen its grip on me. " I... I found out three days ago," after tears began " I asked Justin, if he had recently said he wanted to talk to you. that s suggested, after I told him what I wanted to talk to you. argues why we separate all. He said something about me fleeing to give back, my friends, and me, the reason I broke. "I was now completely in tears and wept. " I was crazy about me and what he called a hypocrite. I said what I've been marginalized, unlike him, he would never be the best, or turned their backs him Preteen Nude Art if he needed me. I wonder what he means. I said he knew he was the one who started the rumor about you... I was here for the past few months that I love you so much. just wanted to to uncover the truth, just ask, if true. for I have loved n 've have always loved you since we were little. "n " I knew Alisa, and has not told us ? "Alex asked. " I know, but I've seen how bad it was not just for you and Brad was, but Justin as well. "Alex then released me and started going to the door, but I have n in front of him," Alex, please. "I said crying, " Justin is so sad, and now, , we are all happy together again. Look at you. Want throw everything out? " " Smooth move... please, " Alex said flatly. " No Alex, I am not, not until you remember the promise made n. Remember the promise, all of us, for me, Brad, Justin? " " FUCK JUSTIN ! ! I want you to promise ", then Alex in a low voice: " There is only one piece of plaster Alisa " he said with tears rolling down his cheeks " What is Alex doing. ? Go to play the crap out of Justin? The best friend? " I asked her over to him, then started beating him, cry all the time. I met him again and again, and finally moved to end him in a hug. no n " Alisa," Alex said as he walked away from me. N " Right now I am..... " " Alex, please, " I asked, but he gently took me aside, and went the door. I turned to face the musicBrad. When I came back saw the blood on his arm and took out the IV I held out my hand to him, I feel, to show that she loved, needed, I knew that if only could touch everything would be well, when I was playing his face turned away from me and turned. "Alisa I do not really know about you right now," , said in his return to me, and then began walking back to his bed. ", I said sorry! " I screamed, " Why can not you forgive me? " When he came to crawled sick bed and lay with his back to me. "Alisa, please leave," he said. I could hear the pain in his voice. " Ok... I'll go," he said softly, still mourn. "But I want you to know that await you. If I wait another 3 years I n , because I love you Bradley James Theodore Westrick, I love you. " As I started going out, Brad 's parents came n Brad rush "I love you too. " I said in a whisper "Alisa, what happened ? Why are you crying? CuaBear Re... Where is Brad? " hysterical asked my mother when she and my father s in my room. " Okay, he... will be fine. " Did I tell you, when I turned around, only in time, escape to see, so my parents with the puzzled look on her n faces. " Bradley.... Bear, "my father and my mother called me when it came to the bed that was me during installation. "Mommy! Dad! "I returned his call and grabbed her arms and wept as a baby. Justin The way to my car was the long way he had done. My mind, my body hurt, but not a coup. the Preteen Nude Art pain was too dazed by all that and my torn world was just me. I still had the ice pack in the hand of my s started place it in the face with a quick look at my page to check mirror damage on my face, when suddenly Alex was behind me. "Alex," he said quietly that I turned around, his eyes telling me that he knew. Without saying a word, I saw the deception and betrayal in his eyes. "Alex, please let me know fromLevel ", but before he could say anything he began to scream. " Please explain ? "He said sarcastically, as it was near came and grabbed me my shirt n with both hands, shook me and pushed me against my car. " You do you mean? How will you explain to me? Better yet, like is about Brad, why do you explain to your best friend would say, everyone at school that he is gay? I have to hear the "n " Tell me how a person, a person who loves you more than a brother, could start a rumor like that. A rumor that not only away from s all, but also led him to be picked up and beaten by every idiot in school. "I tried to look away but could not. I saw the tears in the eyes of Alex. " Alex, sorry. I do not want to be hurt by Bear. " " Shut up, do not you ever call you back,! Only your friends can call that! Look at the pain we caused Justin. What would have happened If Brad is not the abuse? What if he tries to kill himself s because it was not strong enough to take the blows and insults ? " " sorry " I said. I began to mourn then I realized what Alex could done. " You are sad. "He said, now crying,"Hi, I'm sorry ", he said, -drop looks me up and about and screaming in the parking lot. " It Sorry, so I think that now everything is well now. Kemper is the great Justin feel, and we can go back one step to the right once more than friendship ? it Justin, not to work this way. You can fucking big, and that is not even the best part. Not only do you have, the other a dagger in the new Brad, , but also managed to tear his heart, by Alisa in their n small lie. I think not sure when asked to say anything as we found out that it could cause a greater separation, but I wanted to that together. You... Never... Beware! " " This is not true, "he said with tears in my face. I grabbed arm and tried to look into the eyes and show whathow much he was hurt. "I n You only have to listen to me and then left me with Brad clear all... " " I do not want to hear," he said as he walked away from me "the only \\ \\ n you have to do is, away from Brad, Alisa and I, " said the n is closer to my face. I could see the building of hatred in his eyes. " Alex, please?" I said when I got him, trying to drag away from me. " No, it's over. Away from us, or so help me God.... Justin, so help me God," he said. Then he turned and ran out of my life.
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